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Genesis 18-19 - Sodom & Gomorrah

Sodom is most likely to be identified with the modern site name Bab edh-Dhra, and Gomorrah with Numeira (see Mysteries of the Bible - Sodom & Gomorrah). Walter Rast and Thomas Schaub excavated these sites starting in 1975. The Smithsonian Institution has some of the remains of bones and pottery from Bab edh-Dhra in their Natural History Museum in the exhibit of "Origins of Western Culture" on the second floor. There was a total of five Early Bronze Age sites that matched the five cities of the plain mentioned in Genesis 14. Probably an earthquake caused an eruption of gas, oil, sulfur, salt, and bitumen to rain down on Sodom and Gomorrah. The Dead Sea is right on a fault line where earthquakes occur.

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