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Breaking News

Triassic Park is now Closed!

We have sold the 14.9 acres so a new road can be put threw the park along the quarry. Our board thought it would be best to sell the property and relocate. The park is now closed. It is no longer opened to the public. The new owner is the Black Granite Village GP, Inc. 3441 St. Peters Road, St. Peters, PA.

Stephen C. Meyers, Th.D.
Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies


French Creek Mines

The Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, still has a great opportunity to save the French Creek Mines in St. Peters, PA from destruction by land developers. The French Creek Mines are famous for their unusual mineral specimens. We want to preserve and restore the mines. The mine shaft itself would remain buried. We would like to restore the old railroad station as a museum with mineral displays from these mines. The cost of the property is $85,000. We can obtain half of this money with easement grants, but we still need to raise at least another $40,000 before the property is sold to others. There may be some that could give a donation for a tax write off to help us save the mine, or could loan us some money. If you know anyone that might be interested in helping us out financially to save the French Creek Mines, please let me know. You can contact Dr. Meyers by e-mail at Pictures of the mines are at

Spanish translation of Bible and Science now available:
I want to thank Felipe, a biochemist from Chile, South America with Corporación Cristiana Anabaptista "Puerta del Rebaño", for his translation of my article.


IMAX Experience
There is a new IMAX theater in King of Prussia off of Mall Blvd. You wear special glasses to see it in 3-D. The screen is 4 stories tall. A great experience for the family. For the nearest IMAX see 

Omniverse Experience
The Tuttleman Imax theater at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is a 4 story tall surround screen for the ultimate movie experience. See excellent educational films. See 

HomeSchool News

We will continue to update the Homeschool Page at Homeschool Page. We have added web pages about the Sumerians and Egyptians. There are also pages on the basics: Math, English, and Spelling.

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