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Bigfoot Legend Creator Dies; Family Calls Bigfoot A Hoax

Plaster cast of large footRay Wallace, who started one of the most notorious myths of our time -- the legend of Bigfoot -- has died. Wallace died of heart failure Nov. 26[, 2002] at a Washington state nursing home, at the age of 84. Wallace's family feels that they can finally reveal the truth: Wallace made up Bigfoot. Wallace, a native of Clarksdale, Mo., used photos, footprints, and Sasquatch sightings that convinced some people that Bigfoot was real. But his family says it was all a hoax. His family says Wallace asked a friend to carve 16-inch feet, then he and his brother wore them to create huge tracks on the ground at his California construction company in 1958. That led The Humboldt Times to coin the term "Bigfoot" on its front page. His nephew Dale Wallace still has those "Bigfoot" fake feet. Pictures and more of the story from NBC4.TV News. See also Bigfoot at 50 Evaluating a Half-Century of Bigfoot Evidence.

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