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December 2004

December 7

Scientists get their own Google
New search engine ranks papers by importance, and finds the free versions. See

Quirkiest News of 2004
See National Geographic's top ten picks of the oddest discoveries of the year, from cat cloning to flatulent fish.

November 2004

No science articles in November.

October 2004

No science articles in October.

September 2004

No science articles in September.

August 2004

August 23

Free Courses this Fall
The Wagner Free Institute of Science is offering free courses this fall in:


No Science articles in July.

June 2004

June 13

Tool allows open-access search
New directory lets users search and retrieve articles from about 270 open-access journals.

Directory of Open Access Journals

Double check casts doubt on science statistics
Errors found in Nature and BMJ papers.

May 2004

No Science articles in May.

April 2004

April 11

Internet2 May Change The Way Scientists Conduct Research. Narragansett - Apr 07, 2004
When Dr. Robert Ballard went on a scientific expedition to Black Sea this past summer, he was able to take with him virtually any scientist or student who wanted to go. With the capability of Internet2 and a high bandwidth satellite link, scientists, for the first time, were able to work on the ocean floor from the comfort of their university laboratories.

March 2004

March 28

American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) spring 2004 meeting is at Eastern University on April 17th.  Prof. David Unander will be speaking on the genetics of race and our Christian responsibility to bring peace and reconciliation to our world. RSVP by April 16th to

Web debate: Access to the scientific literature
The Internet is profoundly changing how scientists work and publish. Click here for our free focus on the issues that are shaping the publishing horizon, updated weekly. This weeks debate includes articles by co-founder of the Public Library of Science, and Sciences Editor-in-Chief Donald Kennedy.

March 14

Scientists behaving badly
Journal editors reveal researchers' wicked ways. 4 March 2004.

March 7

Should Publicly Funded Research Be Free And Available To The Public? Stanford - Mar 04, 2004
Last October, a small, San Francisco-based organization known as the Public Library of Science (PloS) shook up the scientific publishing world when it launched a free, online journal called PloS Biology.

February 2004

February 22

AAAS 2004
All the latest news from the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Seattle, one of the largest gatherings of international scientists and reporters of the year. 12-16 February 2004.

February 1

Free Courses offered by Wagner Free Institute of Science:

January 2004

January 4

The Top Science Stories of 2003
For some, this year in science may be remembered more for its disasters than its successes. On January 16 the space shuttle Columbia launched to great fanfare, only to fail tragically on reentry 16 days later. Then came news of the mysterious and lethal disease known as SARS, which sparked worldwide panic. And a midsummer blackout stretching from Ontario to New York served as a vivid reminder of how dependent we are on a fragile power grid. Amid these calamities, however, a number of noteworthy achievements unfolded. China became the third nation to send people into space; paleontologists working in Ethiopia unearthed the oldest known members of our species; researchers applied virtual reality to colonoscopies and autopsies with stunning results. In addition, the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the structure of DNA and the centennial of powered flight served as springboards for reflection on the bigger picture of scientific progress.

National Geographic: Our Top Ten News Stories of 2003
"Flying" sharks and Bigfoot lead our year-end roundup of the top National Geographic News stories.