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November 2005

November 9

Mice Found to Woo Mates with Song
Mice may not sing for their supper but male mice seem to sing to their prospective mates. Researchers made this discovery when they eavesdropped on male mice that had been exposed to the scent of female urine.

Warmer-Blooded Shark Found Oct. 28, 2005
Salmon sharks from the Gulf of Alaska have heat-hungry swimming muscles more like those of mammals than their scaly kin, say marine scientists.

August 2005

August 2

Fifth subspecies of chimpanzee revealed
The species has been lurking under primatologists' noses for decades, according to a new study of chimp skulls.

New animal species evolved in an instant
A brand new insect may have arisen in an evolutionary eye-blink as a result of cross-species mating - usually the preserve of plant species.

Gruesome habits of the giant squid
Enshrined in myth as ferocious beasts that overturn boats to munch on sailors, giant squid, it appears, also indulge in cannibalism.

July 2005

No zoology articles in July.

June 2005

No zoology articles in June.

May 2005

May 30

New Monkey Discovered in Tanzania.

May 16

Lungless Salamander Turns Up in Asia. May 5, 2005
A type of lungless salamander thought to be confined to the Americas and parts of Italy and Sardinia has been found in Asia, according to the current issue of Nature. The startling discovery has been likened to finding a panda in California or a kangaroo in Argentina.

April 2005

April 11

Sounds Guide Young Fish toward Home

March 2005

March 29

Species list reaches half-million mark
Researchers claim 'spectacular progress' towards logging all Earth's life.

Reference revolution
Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales offers a whole new species of information online.

March 8

Hydrogen And Methane Sustain Unusual Life At Sea Floor's 'Lost City'
The hydrothermal vents at the ocean bottom were miles from any location scientists could have imagined. One massive seafloor vent was 18 stories tall. All were creamy white and gray, suggesting a very different composition than the hydrothermal vent systems that have been studied since the 1970s. 

February 2005

February 21

Endangered Wild Equids
After admiring equids for thousands of years, humans may be driving the last populations of wild zebra, asses and horses to extinction. 

January 2005

No Zoology articles for January.