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Rare sight of ancient shark Jan. 24 - A shark with the ugly proportions of the pre-historic era has surfaced near Japan offering a rare view of this denizen of the deep. The "Frilled Shark" is hardly ever seen because its habitat is 600 metres or more below the ocean surface.

A Fertile Domestication of Cats Study pinpoints the Near East as the cradle of cat domestication.


Green Glow-In-Dark Pigs Created Jan. 12, 2006
Scientists in Taiwan have successfully bred three pigs which glow fluorescent green in the dark, marking a potential breakthrough for stem cell research, a professor said Thursday. 

Dogs Smell Signs of Cancer TUESDAY, Jan. 17 (HealthDay News)
Dogs have long been used to sniff out explosives, narcotics, and even counterfeit currency. Now, a new study shows that man's best friend can also detect lung and breast cancer in breath samples.