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Carl Baugh

Carl Baugh is the founder and director of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas.

Carl Baugh now has his own TV show entitled Creation in the 21st Century on the Trinity Broadcast Network at 7:30 AM (EST) on Fridays. He claims some amazing things that are simply not truth. Let's look at some of these claims.

The Early Earth

He claims that the earth at creation was 12% smaller with twice the atmospheric pressure and three times as much oxygen. There is no evidence that the earth was 12% smaller. There probably was more oxygen along time ago causing life to grow larger like foot long dragon flies during the Pennsylvanian period. He claims mountains were only 10,000 feet high before the flood.

Metallic Hydrogen

He claims there was a metallic like crystalline hydrogen several inches thick that surrounded the earth, not a vapor canopy. This is probably based on Job 37:18 which says, "Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass" (KJV). Carl Baugh takes this scripture verse very literally. This metallic hydrogen caused twice the atmospheric pressure we have today. It also supposedly reflected the harmful rays of the sun way so man could live 900 years. Baugh believes that creation water, hexagonal cluster water can heal you. See “The Shady Credentials of Carl E. Baugh”© (Copyright Steven Daniel Morgan 2-24-05)*.


Baugh claims, that as a result of the flood a great amount of debris from earth and the hydrogen canopy was pushed into space and now forms the asteroid belt. These asteroids will fall to earth during the Great Tribulation. 

Baugh also claims that the exploding stars and nebulas were all formed as a result of the shout or great sound going out from the result of Noah's flood from the collapse of the hydrogen canopy and the break up of the fountains of the deep. 

Harmony of the Stars

Baugh claims that the stars and planets were once very close to earth so you could here the stars singing. Job 38:7 says, "When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy" (KJV). On his TV show he has a chart labeling the planets with the different notes from the music scale. A shout went forth at the flood that has stretched the heavens a second time, so the stars are very far away now. Psalm 104:2 "who stretches out the heavens like a curtain" (KJV). When Christ comes again the planets will be brought back into musical harmony. 

Trilobite in Human Sandal Print?

In 1968 William Meister found a trilobite near Antelope Springs, Utah. When he opened the slab he saw an oblong shape that he thought was a human sandal print. Glen Kuban states, "Upon closer inspection the overall shape is seen to consist of a small pattern in a concretion-like slab, similar to others in the area. There is no evidence that it was ever part of a striding sequence, nor evidence that it was ever on an exposed bedding plane" (See The "Meister Print": An Alleged Human Sandal Print from Utah. This fossil is now at the Creation Evidence Museum. 


Carl Baugh claims that dinosaurs have rosette pattern of skin and dermal thrills. This is mainly based on the Ica Stone carvings. He believes that man and dinosaur lived together. The T-Rex has big sharp teeth to eat plants, not animals according to Baugh because chlorophyll was found "impacted on his teeth." Baugh believes that all dinosaurs and animals were once plant eaters before the fall of man into sin. If T-Rex were alive today, Baugh proclaims, "he would itch to death"(these quotes are from his TV show). 

He claims to have dug up a number of human foot prints along side of dinosaur prints. For a detailed analysis of this see dinosaur and human prints.

There has been much false information given out by Carl Baugh (Creation Science Museum). The human footprint he bought is clearly a carving. There are no clear human footprints in the Paluxy River except the ones that were carved which are anatomically wrong.

Carl Baugh's dinosaur claws are actually crocodile teeth. The supposed human tooth is a fish tooth. The supposed wood is iron oxide. The supposed human finger is most likely a burrow filling. The large skeleton is just 200-300 years old and not part of the Cretaceous layer.

Ica Stones

Ica stoneCarl Baugh claims there are certain Ica stones that picture dinosaurs and man. In 1966 in a cave near Ica, Peru many engraved stones were discovered. Dr. Javier Cabrera from Peru has 20,000 Ica stones many which depict giant reptiles. He opened the Museo de Piedras Grabadas  (Engraved Stones Museum) in Ica, Peru which house his collection. His web site includes pictures of these stones at The Ica Stones Association. At left is a picture of one of the Ica stones.

A farmer claimed to find the stones in a cave. He was arrested for selling the stones to tourists. He told the police that there was no cave, and that he made these engravings on the stones himself.

Ica stoneThere is a "very revealing interview with a Basilio Uchuya and his wife, Irma Gutierrez de Aparcana, two peasants from Callango, published some years ago by Mundial magazine (Anonymous 1975). In it, Basilio and Irma admit that all of the stones they sold to Cabrera they had carved themselves....That yellowish, ancient layer that covered the stones was as easily obtained, said Basilio: once the etching was done, the stones were placed in a poultry pen and chickens did the rest. Finally, a recent examination of the stones, done in Barcellona by José Antonio Lamich, founder of the Spanish "Hipergea" research group, revealed signs of sandpaper and recent carvings, thus fueling the hoax hypothesis. When questioned why they did it, the hoaxers answered that etching stones was easier than tilling the soil" (Skeptical Inquirer, Sept/Oct 2002). See the online article at  Ica Stones: Yabba-Dabba-Do! Also see Ica stones.

I bought a replica of a Ica stone with a craving of a dinosaur on it from Kent Hovind’s web site. I was amazed to find out that this craved dinosaur had five fingers and five toes, a turtle like shell on its back, and donut rings on its skin (see photos above). I do not know of any known dinosaur like this. There is an excellent article about the Ica Stones at Jurassic Library.

The London Artifact

The hammer in the rock, called the "London Artifact" is most likely a 19th century miner’s hammer (See above picture). Dr. Murray thinks the hammer was used to fix wagon wheels. About a dozen of these hammers have been found at Scott's Bluff, Nebraska. It is not Noah's hammer as Baugh claims. 

The Iron Cup in Coal

To the left is an iron cup encased in coal. It was found by Frank Kanard in 1912. The coal came from the Will Berton Coal Mine in Oklahoma. Carl Baugh claims it was made before or just after Noah's flood. The cup looks like one from the 19th century. There were no iron cups like this 5,000 years old. The iron age started about 1200 BC. The cup was probably dropped by a miner, became buried under coal, and then cemented together with water under pressure in a relatively short time. Nodules seem to easily form around objects. I was surprised to see how fast my son's bike had rusted after being left out in the rain. Other artifacts have been found in mines, but they were left by other miners, buried and then found (See Ancient Man: A Handbook of Puzzling Artifacts by William R. Cross, 1978). Another example is the Coso artifact which turned out to be nothing more than a 1920's Champion spark plug (see The Coso Artifact).

Even Answers In Genesis questioned Carl Baugh's views (See web page at What About Carl Baugh?) For more information see Creation/Evolution 15,&17 published by NCSE (See their website at National Center for Science Education).

When I (Dr. Stephen C. Meyers) saw Carl Baugh's video of the excavation, I was very disappointed. The quality was very poor. One could not tell what he was excavating. The audio said Baugh was removing marl. Marl can easily be removed to form whatever shape one wants. 

Flying Pterodactyls

Dinosaurs are alive and well on planet earth!  There are many reports of Pterodactyls flying around Papua New Guinea that glow in the dark. Yes, I wrote "glow in the dark" just ask Carl Baugh who has been there. I asked Carl Baugh about the supposed pterodactyls in New Guinea. He says that there has been several expeditions there, with two dozen reports of large flying creatures called "duwat" by the natives which he says means "living demon." It supposedly has a tail, a crest, a 18 foot wing span, web feet with claws, and claws on their wings. They are bioluminescent on their breast, and sometimes tail. The creature eats human bodies in graves. There are pictures of the footprint, but no casts. There are no pictures of the creature, no bones, no proof. He does not want to put this on the Internet because this creature has not been confirmed which is good, but Kent Hovind seems to use many of these as proofs. The natives are probably describing a flying fox bat or fruit bat

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E-mail from John Croft who lived in PNG for four years:

Hi Stephen

I have never seen or heard of such stories.  I contacted a friend from Madang who said duwat was the name given to flying foxes in the area in one of the local languages.  At sunset the flying foxes there frequently are seen as large flights heading out to sea.  As they are at such a height they are still in sunlight whilst the ground is already in shadow.  This gives them quite a radiant look.

Locals in the area quite often say they carry the souls of the departed with them out to sea.  I don't know of fruit bats eating the dead.  Many people in Papua New Guinea do not traditionally bury the dead. Their bodies were placed in caves or on high platforms, from where the bones were later collected and interred in caves.  Burial of the dead is a Christian custom that has spread in the country since the coming of the Missions (Lutheran Missionaries were most common in Madang, although they have more lately been added to by fundamentalist American Pentecostals).

Regarding anything that can be said of a particular group in Papua New Guinea one has to be very careful as it is almost impossible to generalize.  With over 736 recorded different languages (and over 10,000 dialects) the cultural diversity is excessive.

There have been various attempts to find "Lost Valleys" in Papua New Guinea, of the kind of "The Land that Time Forgot" in Western myths about Shangri-La. The Lemani Valley in the Southern Highlands in the 1950s was claimed to be one such example.  The Geroka Valley of the Eastern Highlands, the Kerowagi Valley of Chimbu, the Waghi Valley of the Western Highlands, Enga, and the Nembi Valley in the Southern Highlands have all been examples of the same. The Baliem Valley of the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya is another (See the book "Gardens of War" for an  explanation). In every case the search has more to say about the mind-set of us Euro-Americans than about the reality of these places.

> Did you see any Pterodactyls or other strange prehistoric creatures while you were in Papua New Guinea?

No I certainly did not, although I did here many stories of "bogeymen" and "monsters" which were part of the traditional culture and intended to frighten children and maintain some kind of social controls. The amount of social fear of neighbors (headhunting and cannibalism) was enough to foster such thoughts.

No Pterodactyls, sorry. 



What Do Missionaries Living in Papua New Guinea Say about Sightings of Pterodactyls?

Dear Dr Stephen Meyers,

I found your comments amusing. My wife and I are presently in PNG in the town of Goroka. I first came to PNG in 1973 as a 10 year old boy. In growing up here I have heard of stories similar to this by the local people. The terminology is different. There is a lot of fear of the spirits of their dead ancestors, and spirtism etc. I guess I never figured it would reach the USA with stories like this.

Yes we have "flying foxes" that are quite large. I have personally seen some with at least a 6ft wing span. I say they look ugly and I do not want to be near one, but they are not a prehistoric creature. Many of our missionaries have seen them. We work at a Bible College campus and I can see these flying foxes almost any night. When I walk around outside I can hear them flying around. Once I got hit by the wing of one.

I hope this info helps. If any other questions come up, feel free to email me.

Bill Smith
(Missionary under ABWE in Papua New Guinea)

Another E-Mail

I mentioned this to some of national believers, and believe it or not this story has some history to it. One said that they believe at night there is a great big bird or flying fox that comes out and swoops over the earth. If anyone is outside it will steal your spirit. I asked as anyone say it, they said no because they do not want be hurt by it. By they believe it is a giant bird such as a giant eagle or hawk. They also said that in different parts of the country their families have different stories with different description of a bird like animal.

I am guessing it is a native superstition that some people truly believe. I have asked other missionaries around the country for some input and I will pass it on to you.

Bill Smith

E-mail From Another Missionary

I received your questions about flying ??? My wife and I lived in Papua New Guinea for 22 years and in all that time we did not hear of such a creature. There are flying foxes or fruit bats that have a good sized wing span. In New Guinea Pidgin they are called 'black bokis'. The different language groups (more than 700) would have different names in their languages.The town of Madang on the north coast has many hanging from the trees right in the middle of town. There they are protected. I believe you have been told a story that may be connected with the spirit beliefs of the people or legend. We have had these fruit bats in our gardens. You can hear them flying and it does sound like a creature with a large wing span. But we have never seen the luminescent part that you mentioned. By the way, the people do eat them in certain parts of the country.

Enough for now.

George J. Haberer

E-mail from one born and raised in Papua New Guinea

Dear Mr. Meyers,

At 08:29 PM 1/21/00 -0500, you wrote:


>I would be interested in knowing if you saw any pterodactyls or other strange creatures in Papua New Guinea?

I successfully followed the link you sent me; thank-you. As for creatures, I have neither heard of nor seen pterodactyls in Papua New Guinea (hereafter "PNG"). Yes, there are flying foxes, which are not bats. I don't know how large they are. I'm not sure the flying foxes do more than jump and glide. I could be wrong. I have not personally seen one clearly. There are plenty of species of bats. I have heard large winged creatures flying overhead at night, and people have said conflicting opinions about what it was flying.

There are certainly exotic forms of life in PNG. I remember when I was 9 years old (in 1967), I was in the school building looking through a World Book Encyclopedia under "walking stick." The reason I was looking that up, is because I had caught one in the school, and it was right next to me. The encyclopedia said that contrary to myth, there were no species of walking stick that could fly. Yet, the live one before me was winged, I had seen it fly, and it was very large, about 10 inches long, and 3/4 of an inch thick. I saw the world's largest moth, a green luna moth, at my school, on a wall, underneath an exterior light. It was swallow-tailed.

A missionary named Dale Palmer has said he has seen a spider that catches birds in its web and eats birds. He was working in the Gimi tribe at the time, if I remember right.

My parents have been missionaries in PNG since 1953, and my Father has traveled extensively doing surveys in all parts of that country. If anyone has heard of pterodactyl sightings, he would have. They may not necessarily respond immediately, because their computer runs off car batteries, charged by solar panels, and their modem is a radio modem, and they are allowed to use the radio frequency only certain times, etc.

Dave Palmer

http://www.ilovejesus.com//school/hologos/index2.shtml (This is his web site that you might be interested in seeing).

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