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Ed Conrad

Are There Fossilized Human Bones in Coal?

An Examination of the claims of Ed Conrad by Dr. Stephen Meyers

I went to the Hazleton Historical Society Museum, 55 North Wyoming Street in Hazleton, PA where there is a small collection of fossils collected by Ed Conrad. He claims these are fossilized human bones in the coal. Ed Conrad's web site has more pictures of his fossils in Pennsylvania coal.

Hazleton Historical Society Museum
Hazleton Historical Society Museum

Petrified bone embedded in slate
A close examination of the bones reveals that they are not really bones at all, but iron nodules.

Cross section of nodule
Cross-section of one of the nodules. There is no bone structure visible. It is just an iron nodule.

Iron nodule
Another supposed bone that is just an iron nodule. Iron nodules are very common in coal deposits.

Cross section of nodule
Another cross-section of a supposed bone. There is not indication of bone structure. 

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