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ASA Meeting 2008
George Fox University
Newberg, Oregon
The Heart of Science:
Do Right, Love Mercy, Walk humbly


Georeg Fox University


Randy Isaac, Executive director of ASA (American Scientific Affiliation)

Listen to Randy Isaac's interview.


Thomas Headland, Ph. D in Anthropology with the Institute for Sumer Linguistics.

Listen to his comments on his Faith & Science.

Listen to his comments on "Are there lost tribes?"


Walter Hearn, has written the book Being a Christian in Science.

Listen to his comments on ASA and his book.


Keith Miller , PhD. in Geology.

Listen to Comments on theology and science.

van dellen

Ken Van Dellen, Emeritus Professor of Geology.

Listen to his comments on Mt. St. Helens'


Kirk Bertsche, PhD in Physics.

Listen to his Comments on Radiocarbon Dating and RATE.

Read his article RATE's Radiocarbon: Intrinsic or Contamination?