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The Bible and Science:
Getting the Lies Out of Creationism

Kent Hovind wants to get the lies out of evolution. I would like to get the lies out of creationism.

Lies most creationists will admit!

  1. A NASA computer found Joshua's missing Day. Most creationists will admit that this story is a lie. A story similar to this is told by Harry Rimmer about C.A. Totten. Totten wrote Joshua’s Long Day and the Dial of Ahaz in 1890. He assumed the date of creation was September 22, 4000 BC. Which can not be proven. Dr. Newman has an excellent article about this entitled Joshua’s Long Day and NASA Computers. What does NASA say about this story? See: Can Science Confirm the Missing Day Referred to in the Bible? When I visited the Goddard Space Flight Center where this story was supposed to happen, I asked them about this. They said that groups come from all over the world as if on a holy pilgrimage to where Joshua's missing day was found. Please spread the word that this story is false!
  2. Darwin's Death Bed Confession. Most creationists will now admit this story is unreliable. See: Did Darwin recant?
  3. The earth is flat. Some Christians still believe the earth is flat because they take the Bible literally. For example, "the four corners of the earth." See the Flat Earth Society. For Biblical arguments for a flat earth see The Flat-Earth Bible.
  4. The sun revolves around the earth. Some Christians still believe sun revolves around the earth because they take the Bible literally. For example, Joshua commanded the sun to stop, not the earth to stop spinning. Walter Lang published the Bible-Science Newsletter in the mid-1960’s with articles from strict Biblical literalists who believed the earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolves around the earth. They quote verses such as Psalm 93:1 which states, "the world also is established, that it cannot be moved" (KJV). Therefore, the earth does not spin around on its axis or orbit the sun, but according to Joshua 10:12 it is the sun that is moving around the earth. See Association for Biblical Astronomy.
  5. Women have one more rib than men. See Regenerating ribs.
  6. Flash Frozen Mammoths. Mammoths were not flash frozen. See what ICR says in Did nthe Frozen Mammoths Die in the Flood or the Ice Age? Answers in Genesis says, ‘Woolly mammoths were snap frozen during the Flood catastrophe‘. This is contradicted by the geological setting in which mammoths are found. It’s most likely that they perished toward the end of the Ice Age, possibly in catastrophic dust storms. Partially digested stomach contents are not proof of a snap freeze, because the elephant’s stomach functions as a holding area—a mastodon with preserved stomach contents was found in mid-western USA, where the ground was not frozen. See also The extinction of the woolly mammoth: was it a quick freeze? a technical PDF article.
  7. Earth's Magnetic Field has not reversed. Most now say that the abundance of evidence shows that the earth's magnetic field has reversed a number of times. See AIG article at The earth’s magnetic field: Evidence that the earth is young.

Lies Some Creationists will Admit

  1. Moon Dust shows a young earth. See what AIG says in Moon-dust argument no longer useful.
  2. The Castenedolo and Calaveras human remains in “old” strata invalidate the geologic column.
  3. The Japanese trawler Zuiyo Maru caught a dead plesiosaur near New Zealand.
  4. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics began at the Fall.
  5. Archaeopteryx is a fraud.
  6. There are no beneficial mutations.
  7. No new species have been produced.
  8. Earth’s axis was vertical before the Flood.
  9. Paluxy tracks.
  10. Earth’s division in the days of Peleg.
  11. Darwin’s quote about the absurdity of eye evolution from Origin of Species.
  12. The Septuagint records the correct Genesis chronology.
  13. There are gaps in the genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 so the Earth may be 10,000 years old or even more.
  14. Jesus cannot have inherited genetic material from Mary, otherwise He would have inherited original sin.
  15. The phrase “science falsely so called” in 1 Timothy 6:20 (KJV) refers to evolution.
  16. Missing solar neutrinos prove that the sun shines by gravitational collapse, and is proof of a young sun. See: Missing Solar Neutrinos Found.