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Dawn's Attractive Science: Pasadena - Mar 19, 2003 - The solar system contains a spectrum of magnetic dynamos in large bodies like the Sun and Jupiter, in more modest-sized bodies like the Earth and in smaller bodies like Mercury and Ganymede.

Explaining the Moon's Ancient Magnetism: These days, a compass on the moon doesn't do much because there is no magnetic field to entice its hands to move. But it may not have always been so. Analysis of rocks recovered during the Apollo missions has uncovered telltale signs of ancient lunar magnetism. A new computer model may help explain the magnetism mystery.

The Strange Case Of The Missing Moon's Magnetism: A 30-year-old riddle over the Moon's lost magnetism may finally be answered, scientists report on Thursday in Nature, the British science weekly. 

Sun's Magnetic Reversals every 11 years.

Mars May Still Have Liquid Iron Core: Pasadena - Mar 07, 2003 - New information about what is inside Mars shows the Red Planet has a molten liquid-iron core, confirming the interior of the planet has some similarity to Earth and Venus.

Weather Cells Form Around Magnetic Storms On Solar Surface: Boulder - Feb 17, 2003 - Clusters of sunspots form their own weather patterns on the sun, according to new observations by a team of University of Colorado at Boulder researchers.

The Inconstant Sun: Huntsville - Jan 20, 2003 - Our Sun may seem an enduring, unwavering beacon in the sky, but in truth it has a "heartbeat" of sorts--a pulsation between dimmer and brighter phases so slow that it only "beats" 9 times each century!

Has the Earth's Magnetic Field Ever Flipped?

D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D.

Much paleomagnetic data has been reported in this century suggesting that the earth's magnetic field has reversed its polarity many times in the past. Evolutionists have assumed that the time between reversals must be very long so they use reversal data as evidence that the earth is old. Often creationists are unfamiliar with the depth and variety of the paleomagnetic data and thus do not know whether the reversals were real or not. Until recently they have generally questioned the credibility of the data. Many have made the same assumption as the evolutionists, that reversals could only take place slowly. In a recent paper (Humphreys, 1986a) I have shown that this assumption is not justified, and that rapid reversals occurring during the Genesis Flood would explain the paleomagnetic data nicely. In this paper I review the evidence for reversals in order to show that it is indeed credible. Abstract from Creation Research Society Quarterly Vol. 25 December 1988, page 130ff. See Creation Research Society Quarterly Journal.


Magnetic Reversals: