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Visual Tours:
Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land Experience takes you back in time to first century Jerusalem. It is located in Orlando, Florida. Take Exit 31A off of I-4.

Replica of the outside wall of Jerusalem

Replica of the outside wall of Jerusalem.

Inside the streets of Jerusalem

Inside the streets of Jerusalem.

Inside the streets of Jerusalem

The main attraction of Jerusalem is the Temple.

The Temple

It is patterned after Herod's Temple at the Time of Christ.

The Temple

Replica of Tabernacle

There is a replica of the Tabernacle with a spectacular show.

Oasis Palms Cafe

If you get hungry, you can eat a Goliath burger at the Oasis Palms Cafe.

Replica of the Dead Sea Caves

Replica of the Dead Sea Caves. Exhibit about the Dead Sea Scrolls will be ready in 2002.

Priest Woman with lyre

Meet some people; a priest and a women playing a lyre.

Building with model of Jerusalem

Building housing a model of the city of Jerusalem how it looked in the year 66 AD.

Temple Model

Wailing wall

Just to the left center is known today as the Wailing Wall. It is the only wall still remaining today where the Jews come to pray.

Courtyard of Herod's Palace.

Courtyard of Herod's Palace.

A play is performed on the steps of the Temple.

A play is performed on the steps of the Temple.

Replica of the garden tomb

A musical is staged by a replica of the garden tomb.

Plants from Palestine

All around are plants and trees that grow in the Holy Land.

Accacia tree Acacia tree close-up

This is the Acacia tree from which the Ark of the Covenant was made.

Date Palm tree Fig tree

The Date Palm tree and the fig tree with a fig forming.

Olive tree close-up Olive tree

The olive tree. Olives were a big part of the ancient economy in Israel. Olive oil was used in lighting oil lamps.

Aloe plant

Aloe plant.

Papyrus plant

Papyrus plant from which papyrus paper was made.