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Genesis 1:
Table of Contents

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My approach to Genesis one is to first look at the Hebrew text to see what it means in Hebrew. Next I want to look at other translations from the Hebrew text to see how they understood the text. Then I want to look at how ancient Jewish writers and the early church fathers understood the text of Genesis one. Finally, I want to look at the ancient Near Eastern texts that will help us understand Genesis one.


Genesis 1:1 - Summary Statement

Genesis 1:2 - The Pre-Creation State

Genesis 1:3-5 - DAY 1 - Creation of Light

Genesis 1:6-8 - DAY 2 - Creation of the Firmament

Genesis 1:9-13 - DAY 3 - Creation of the Seas and Earth

Genesis 1:14-19 - DAY 4 - Creation of Sun, Moon,and Stars

Genesis 1:20-23 - DAY 5 - Creation of Fish and Birds

Genesis 1:24-31 - DAY 6 - Creation of Animals and Man

Genesis 2:1-4a - DAY 7 - The Post-Creation Sabbath


Appendix-Textual Criticism