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Ron Wyatt

Ron Wyatt has made many amazing claims. Amazing claims demand amazing proof which Wyatt lacks.

  1. He claims to have found Noah's Ark. Answers in Genesis has written articles showing his claims are false. See Could this be Noah’s Ark?

  2. He claims to have found the Ark of the Covenant in a quarry outside Jerusalem. His pictures of the Ark are blurred so it could be any thing. To see the pictures from Wyatt's website see http://www.wyattarchaeology.com/ark.htm What Wyatt probably saw was an ossuary which is a box where bones are placed. Knights in medieval times probably also mistook ossuaries for the Ark of the Covenant. For more information see web page at Ron Wyatt's Discoveries

  3. Wyatt claims to have found Sodom and Gomorrah, but what he found was just a geological feature of salt.

  4. Wyatt claims to have found Mt. Sinai at Jabal al Law as does Bob Cornuke. See the Gold of the Exodus

  5. Wyatt claims to have found where Israel crossed the Red Sea, but there is no proof. He has supposedly planted a wheel in the water.

Richard Rives


Richard RIves is the president of Wyatt Archaeological Research. Richard RIves has taken over for Ron Wyatt who passed away in 1999. He has a museum about one hour south of Nashville, TN. For more information see his website at www.wyattmuseum.com. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinar evidence. Richard RIves was interviewed by Stephen Meyers, president of the Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies in 2012.

A Great Christian Scam

Gray Amirault states, "I will tell you enough here to hopefully convince you WAR (Wyatt Archaeological Research) is a Christian con game. Ron Wyatt is either very psychologically ill or one of the greatest liars I have ever come across. Full article at A Great Christian Scam and also see Wyatt Archaeological Research Fraud Documentation.

Holy Relics Holy Relics or Revelation is a book exposing the false claims of Ron Wyatt. Wyatt claims to have found the Ark of the Covenant, Noah's ark, and much more. Cost is $14.95 plus shipping and handling ($4). Order this paperback book now by phone with a credit card, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. Call 1-215-423-7374. More product info Click Here.

Correspondence with Dr. Gary Hurd

Gary S. Hurd received a Doctorate in Social Science from the University of California, Irvine in 1976.  He subsequently served on the faculties of the California College of Medicine (UCIMC), the Medical College of Georgia (Psychiatry), and held numerous adjunct appointments.  Since 1985, he has returned to archaeology, the principle focus of his early research.  Dr. Hurd has over one hundred publications, including abstracts and technical reports, ranging from psychiatry, mathematics and chemistry to frass, prehistoric ceremonialism and forensic taphonomy.  He has received several honors for teaching and research.  Dr. Hurd became actively involved in the creationist anti-science debate as the Curator, and Director of Education of the Orange County Museum of Natural History.

From: ibss

To: Gary Hurd

Sent: Monday, February 17, 2003 1:20 PM

Subject: RE: Project Steve URL

 Hello again!

I have a small web page about Wyatt at http://bibleandscience.com/wyatt.htm . Would it be all right to add your comments to this page?




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From: Gary Hurd
Sent: Monday, February 17, 2003 3:44 PM
To: ibss
Subject: Re: Project Steve URL


The image I observed as http://wyattmuseum.com/images/internetloop.mpg or the accompanying text failed to provide any scale, or magnification data.  None the less, the image does not appear to be blood.  Human red blood cells are quite easy to identify at even fairly low magnification, and are not present in the mpeg, or jpeg  images I viewed on the Wyatt website.  Bacteria, and fungal spores are ubiquitous and it is a very rare sample that lacks them.  Further, the sample collected by Wyatt (as described in the webpage) would necessarily have had contaminants such as pollen grains, which were not observed in the micrographs.  For reasons below, I doubt that Wyatt ever collected the samples he claimed at any rate.  The closest thing in my experience is bacteria, and as the bodies seemed motile, it could not be blood in any event. 

The procedure used to produce the images seems to be "live blood cell analysis" a bogus bit of medical quackery.  I suggest you read the following: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/Tests/livecell.html 

A site of "somatidian orthobiology"  http://www.cerbe.co.za/SomHead.htm which is good for a laugh (or a groan).

 Amateur microscopists are always "seeing" things.  The problem is not "seeing" it is knowing what you are looking at!  I have had a number of microscopes in my days.  I currently own three.  Aside from the trivial learning  the mechanical operation of a microscope, the real learning effort is the interpretation of the images.

 If you could get a sample, I would bet that any histologist would take a look for you.  You might try the "Quackwatch" people.    Speaking as an archaeologist, I would not bother with the analysis of material without provenience.

I had to laugh when reading this, "It must be stated that the mere presence of these particles in no way proves that the sample taken is "the blood of Christ."  These particles would be present an any re-hydrated blood.  What is extremely significant is the fact that the sample taken was proclaimed by Ron Wyatt to be blood from a crucifixion site. The presence of these particles tends to confirm his statement."

First they correctly point out that finding "particles" won't indicate anything, and then in the same breath they claim that, "The presence of these particles tends to confirm his statement."  The observation of what appear to me to be bacteria demonstrates nothing, including the presence of blood cells (which appear absent), Holy or otherwise. 

I just read the bulk of the Wyatt site's "ark" narrative, and feel it is unmitigated foolishness.  I have spoken with archaeologists who have worked in Israel, and the sort of work reported by the Wyatt website would not have been allowed twenty years ago, or thirty years ago.  There are no excavation maps, field drawings, photograph catalog, accession numbers, or any evidence of the dozens of quite ordinary archaeological practices that the Israeli antiquities department properly insist be employed.  Plus, there would have been an Israeli archaeologist and even a Rabbi on site at all times.  There would have been quarterly field reports, and extensive documentation of any objects or even soil samples removed for analysis, with quarterly progress reports on all analysis undertaken.  Further, voucher specimens would have been left in Israel.  This is all without consideration of the unlikely claims made for the nature of the specimen.  The same procedure would be demanded to be followed for a brewery, let alone the Ark, and the "Blood of Christ."   I would be very surprised to see basic documents such as Wyatt's copy of an excavation permit, or his Israeli visa for other than a typical tourist visit.

 There are rather simple methods used for the collection of samples that are going to be submitted to biological analysis: little things, like the proper cleaning of your collection tools to remove contamination before you take the sample, that Wyatt apparently failed to do.  This alone would have rendered any samples taken useless  (even if any samples were actually taken).

 All and all, I find it very fitting that the Wyatt "blood sample" is examined by the "live blood cell analysis" of Gaston Naessens' "somatidian orthobiology."  

 Best wishes,

 Gary Hurd, Ph.D. 

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From: ibss

To: Gary Hurd

Sent: Monday, February 17, 2003 4:32 AM

Subject: RE: Project Steve URL

Thank you for the information about the interesting Project Steve, although my degrees are in theology.

I remember you were interested in dino blood. I thought you might be interested in Christ’s blood. Ron Wyatt claims to have found the Ark of the Covenant with the blood of Christ on it. He is now deceased, but his wife still has samples of the blood in her home in Tennessee. Wyatt claimed the blood is still alive and multiplying. He claims there are only 24 chromosomes in the blood. 23 are from Mary and 1 Y chromosome from God. See the live blood at http://wyattmuseum.com/ark-of-the-covenant-07b.htm. What about Somatids? See http://wyattmuseum.com/ark-of-the-covenant-07.htm . I was wondering what your opinion was of this? Is there a lab that would be willing to independently test the blood (for free)? I think Wyatt is a fraud, but it would be nice to have a lab test to prove this.



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From: Gary Hurd
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2003 4:57 PM
To: info@bibleandscience.com
Subject: Project Steve URL


The "official" NCSE URL for Project Steve is: